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Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are some of my favourite things to read.

Whether it’s the wisdom of a successful person who has trekked the path before us, an inspiring person or a commonsense quote that reminds us that often, simple is better – words can be very powerful.

Here is a collection of various inspirational quotes that have been sourced from those young and old, and those of diverse backgrounds and life experiences. 

Check out these favourites!

Inspirational Quotes:

1. Love the concept of improving your growth mindset? Check out these 65 Amazing Growth Mindset Quotes – all organized by the key concepts of a growth mindset.

2. Looking for some inspiring quotes about love and friendship? Here’s an epic and meaningful list of 54 Inspirational Love Quotes to warm your heart!

3. Wanting to boost the positivity in your life? A quick list of 22 Short Positive Quotes – easy to read and guaranteed to give yourself a little zing!

4. Inspiring quotes don’t have to be serious and stuffy! Check out these funny inspirational quotes about life and success. 

5. Who doesn’t enjoy the simple, common sense quotes of the Dalai Lama? What a smart, gentle and wise man. Here are 56 beautiful quotes from the Dalai Lama on love and happiness and ​30 of the best Dalai Lama Inspirational Quotes​​​

6. Sometimes we need a little reminder that self-love and compassion are important for our success. Check out these self love quotes and the reasons why self-love should inspire you!

7. Change can be really hard. But it’s a vital part of growth. So best be getting on with it! These 52 Inspirational Quotes About Change will motivate and help you to see that change isn’t always so scary!

8. Aristotle was a wise ancient philosopher. And his quotes still inspire to this day. Here are just some of his best: 36 of The Best Aristotle Quotes to Inspire & Motivate

9. Fear is a huge, ugly obstacle to success. These amazing 46 quotes about fear will get your thinking about those pesky fears and inspire you to shelve them!

10. Do you love the calming, compassionate and serene words of the Buddha? Here are some inspiring quotes from the spiritual leader.

11. At that ‘harder’ stage of accomplishing a big goal? Here are 46 motivating quotes to encourage you to keep going and reach your goal!

Have a great inspirational quote to share? Leave a comment below!