300+ Word Of The Year Ideas For 2024 (With Meanings For Each)

Word of The Year Ideas For 2024

As we get closer to 2024, do you sense a stirring for transformation, or a yearning to enhance a particular aspect of your life?

Forget the traditional New Year’s resolutions, along with the stress of selecting the perfect one, and instead choose a focus word.

This single, powerful word can become a guiding beacon, shaping your journey through 2024 with intention and clarity.

Fun Fact:

This is the 8th year that I’ve implemented a ‘word of the year’ and shared it here (you can see the comments below as to how others have chosen fun and inspiring focus words each year).

What Is A Focus Word For The Year?

A focus word for the year is a single word that encapsulates what you need more of, what you want to focus on, or what you need to improve on.

A word for the year!

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The Benefits of Having a ‘Word of the Year’

It might be a theme or overarching focus for your year ahead – either way, it’s an exciting way to set your intention for the year ahead.

It provides an anchor and encourages you to consciously (and subconsciously) consider this focus word when making decisions – what you want more of and what you want less of in your life.

*Once you’ve chosen your word for the year, be sure to check out: ​How To Make Your ‘Word of The Year’ Really Stick!​​​

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How To Choose Your Word For The Year

Sometimes we know exactly what we need in our lives, and sometimes we need to stew on it a bit.

Here are some simple questions to get you thinking, and below is a list of over 300 word of the year ideas:

  • Considering how this past year has been, what is something that you could improve on, do differently or keep working on?
  • Have a think of something that isn’t going so well in your life right now. What’s a word that is the opposite or more positive alternative to this? For example, if fear keeps holding you back, then the alternative could be fearless or brave?
  • What do you want MORE of in your life?
  • What do you want LESS of? Be sure to turn it into a positive word though!
  • What would be a game-changer for you?

If nothing is jumping out at you just yet, check out the below ideas:

300+ Word of the Year Ideas

Absolve: To set yourself free from past regrets or mistakes, embracing a year of forgiveness and personal freedom.

Abundance: Embracing the plentifulness of life’s offerings, seeking out richness in every experience.

Abundant: Focusing on the wealth of opportunities around you, recognizing the fullness that life can provide.

Accept: To embrace situations and people as they are, finding peace in the present moment.

Acceptance: Cultivating a sense of contentment with life as it unfolds, acknowledging and welcoming reality with grace.

Achieve: Setting your sights on goals and aspirations, and dedicating this year to fulfilling them.

Act: A prompt to take initiative, to turn thoughts and plans into concrete actions.

Action: Encouraging consistent movement towards goals, making this a year of tangible progress.

Adapt: Emphasizing flexibility and the ability to thrive in changing circumstances.

Add: To bring new experiences, skills, and people into your life, enhancing your personal growth.

Advance: Focusing on personal or professional growth and moving forward with purpose.

Adventure: Seeking out new experiences and embracing the unknown with excitement and courage.

Align: To bring your actions, thoughts, and values into harmony, creating a life of congruence.

Alignment: Striving for a balanced life where your beliefs, actions, and lifestyle resonate with each other.

Alive: Embracing the vitality of life, engaging with the world with energy and enthusiasm.

Allow: Giving yourself permission to experience life fully, letting go of resistance and control.

Amazing: Aiming to find wonder and extraordinary delight in everyday moments.

Ambition: Channeling a strong desire to achieve something great, using it as a driving force throughout the year.

Anchor: Grounding yourself in your values or a specific mindset that keeps you steady amidst life’s fluctuations.

Appreciate: To consciously acknowledge the value of the people and experiences around you, cultivating gratitude.

Articulate: Focusing on expressing yourself clearly and effectively, in both speech and writing.

Ascend: To rise above challenges, continually seeking higher levels of personal or spiritual growth.

Attention: Devoting care and consideration to your actions and relationships, being present and mindful.

Awake: Remaining conscious and alert to the realities of life, maintaining an enlightened perspective.

Awaken: Inviting a transformation or newfound awareness into your life, often leading to rejuvenation.

Awe: A commitment to being inspired by the world’s mysteries and marvels, maintaining a sense of wonder.

Awesome: Recognizing and embracing the awe-inspiring aspects of life, and reflecting that greatness in your actions.

Balance: Striving for equilibrium in all facets of life, from work to leisure, ensuring a harmonious existence.

Balanced: Making choices that promote a well-proportioned life, giving equal attention to your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Be: Embracing the simplicity of existence and being present in each moment, encouraging self-awareness and authenticity.

Beautiful: Seeing and creating beauty in yourself and the world around you, fostering a sense of admiration and joy.

Beauty: Appreciating and seeking out that which pleases the senses or mind, finding loveliness in all things.

Begin: Taking the first steps towards new endeavors, reminding yourself that every journey starts with the willingness to start.

Behold: Observing the world with wonder, taking the time to savor the richness of life’s tapestry.

Believe: Holding onto faith in yourself, your abilities, and the positive outcomes of your future endeavors.

Belong: Fostering a sense of community and connection, finding your place in the world where you feel at home.

Best: Striving for excellence in all your pursuits, seeking to outdo your past achievements.

Better: Continuous improvement, always looking for ways to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

Big: Thinking expansively, without limitations, aiming for grand visions and significant impacts.

Bliss: Seeking joy and contentment, making this the year to find what truly makes you happy.

Bloom: Like a flower coming into its fullness, you too can grow and flourish in your personal endeavors.

Bold: Approaching life with courage and willingness to take risks, stepping out of your comfort zone.

Boss: Taking charge of your life, leading with confidence and making decisions that steer your path.

Bounce: Cultivating resilience, bouncing back from setbacks with a renewed vigor and optimism.

Boundaries: Defining and asserting your limits clearly and respectfully, ensuring self-respect and mutual understanding.

Bounty: Celebrating and utilizing the abundance that life has to offer, embracing generosity.

Brave: Facing the year with valor, not letting fear hold back the pursuit of what is worthwhile.

Breathe: Incorporating moments of pause and deep breathing to stay centered and calm amidst life’s rush.

Bridge: Building connections and overcoming divides, whether in relationships, within yourself, or between goals and achievements.

Bright: Illuminating your life with positivity and intelligence, shining in your endeavors.

Brother: Embracing brotherhood, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and support with those around you.

Build: Constructing a strong foundation for your future, piece by piece, with intention and skill.

Calm: Embracing tranquility and peace, aiming to approach situations with a composed and serene mindset.

Capture: Focusing on seizing moments and opportunities, preserving memories, and taking hold of what truly matters.

Care: Prioritizing kindness and consideration in your interactions, nurturing relationships and self-care practices.

Caring: Actively showing compassion and understanding, creating an environment where empathy is valued.

Celebrate: Taking time to recognize and appreciate milestones, joys, and successes, both big and small.

Centre: Finding your core strength and values, and aligning your actions to stay rooted in what matters most.

Challenge: Welcoming growth opportunities, pushing yourself to face and overcome obstacles.

Change: Embracing the dynamic nature of life, being open to evolution and transformation in yourself and your surroundings.

Charisma: Cultivating a magnetic presence and charm that inspires and attracts others.

Chase: Actively pursuing your dreams and passions with determination and enthusiasm.

Clear: Seeking clarity in thought and purpose, and striving for transparency in communication and intent.

Comfort: Providing a sense of security and ease for yourself and others, finding solace in your environment.

Commit: Dedicating yourself to your goals and promises, displaying unwavering loyalty to your commitments.

Committed: Staying true to your decisions and dedicating yourself to your chosen path or relationships.

Communicate: Enhancing your ability to express thoughts and feelings effectively and openly.

Communication: Prioritizing clear and meaningful exchanges, fostering understanding and connection.

Compassion: Embodying a deep empathy towards others, extending kindness and acting to alleviate suffering.

Complete: Striving for a sense of wholeness and fulfillment in your personal and professional endeavors.

Completion: Focusing on bringing tasks and goals to a close, fulfilling your objectives with a sense of accomplishment.

Compose: Maintaining self-control and thoughtfulness, especially in times of stress or chaos.

Compromise: Valuing balance in relationships and decisions, finding harmonious solutions that respect all involved.

Confidence: Building self-assurance and trust in your abilities, stepping forward with a strong sense of self.

Connect: Seeking to establish meaningful relationships and touchpoints with others and the world around you.

Connection: Nurturing bonds that foster unity and understanding, both in personal circles and wider communities.

Conscious: Living with awareness and intention, being mindful of the impact of your thoughts and actions.

Consistency: Committing to a steady and reliable course of action, creating trust and dependability in your habits.

Consistent: Aiming for uniformity and stability in your actions and beliefs, becoming a pillar of reliability.

Contribute: Offering your talents and efforts to causes and communities, making a positive difference.

Courage: Embracing the strength to confront challenges and uncertainties with bravery.

Create: Harnessing your imagination to bring new ideas and projects into existence.

Creation: Celebrating the act of bringing something into being, fostering innovation and originality.

Creative: Encouraging inventive and unconventional thinking, exploring new avenues of expression.

Creativity: Valuing and cultivating the imaginative process, transforming vision into reality.

Cultivate: Investing time and care in developing skills, relationships, and personal growth.

Daughter: Celebrating the bond and the journey of growth, cherishing the lessons and love that this relationship nurtures.

Declutter: Focusing on simplicity and organization, removing excess to make space for what truly matters.

Decrease: Intentionally reducing distractions or commitments that do not serve your well-being or purpose.

Dedicate: Allocating your time and energy with purpose, committing wholeheartedly to your passions and responsibilities.

Dedication: Demonstrating steadfast commitment to your goals, showing perseverance and loyalty to your chosen path.

Deliberate: Acting with thoughtful intention, ensuring that every action is taken with purpose and consideration.

Delight: Finding joy in the small moments, allowing yourself to be pleasantly surprised by life’s gifts.

Determination: Cultivating a strong will to persevere in the face of challenges, maintaining focus on your objectives.

Devote: Giving your time, energy, and attention wholeheartedly to a person, cause, or passion.

Diligence: Exhibiting careful and persistent work or effort, being meticulous and consistent in your endeavors.

Direction: Setting a clear path for yourself, guided by your values and goals, navigating life with focus.

Discipline: Practicing self-control and establishing routines that help you maintain progress towards your ambitions.

Dream: Allowing your aspirations to flourish, giving yourself permission to envision a future full of possibility.

Ease: Adopting a relaxed approach, smoothing out life’s complexities to navigate with grace and comfort.

Education: Committing to continual learning and intellectual growth, valuing the acquisition of knowledge.

Elevate: Lifting yourself and others to higher standards and potentials, promoting growth and improvement.

Elevation: Aiming for a state of heightened awareness, success, or progress in personal and professional realms.

Embody: Manifesting your values and beliefs in your actions, becoming a living example of your principles.

Embrace: Welcoming new experiences, ideas, and changes with open arms, accepting them with enthusiasm.

Emerge: Coming into your own, rising up to meet challenges and opportunities with newfound strength.

Encourage: Offering support and confidence to others, fostering a positive environment for growth.

Energy: Infusing your life with vitality and vigor, pursuing activities that invigorate and inspire.

Enjoy: Taking pleasure in life’s experiences, finding joy in the journey as well as the destination.

Enlighten: Gaining insight and understanding, striving to bring clarity and awareness to yourself and others.

Enough: Embracing contentment and recognizing that what you have and who you are is sufficient and fulfilling.

Enthusiasm: Exhibiting intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval in your pursuits.

Enthusiastic: Approaching life with excitement and energy, showing eagerness in your actions and outlook.

Environment: Being mindful of your surroundings and their impact, advocating for sustainable and healthy living spaces.

Escalate: Intensifying your efforts or commitment, ramping up your actions to achieve greater results.

Examine: Inspecting with careful attention, reflecting on your life’s aspects to understand them better.

Excite: Stirring emotions and interest, sparking a lively and animated response within yourself and others.

Excitement: Feeling a sense of lively enthusiasm and eagerness, anticipating positive experiences.

Expand: Broadening your horizons and reach, stretching beyond your usual boundaries or limits.

Expansion: The act of growing or increasing in scope, exploring new territories in various aspects of life.

Experience: Valuing the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom gained through direct participation in life events.

Exploration: Venturing into the unknown with curiosity, seeking new experiences and knowledge.

Explore: To investigate and traverse new areas, whether they be physical spaces, ideas, or personal capacities.

Faith: Trusting in a higher power or the belief in your inner strength, enabling a sense of peace and purpose.

Family: Prioritizing relationships and home life, nurturing bonds and creating a supportive network.

Fast: Emphasizing speed and efficiency, moving quickly to achieve goals or embracing fasting for health/spiritual reasons.

Father: Honoring paternal connections or embodying paternal qualities like guidance, protection, and support.

Favorite: Focusing on joy and preference, celebrating the things that bring the most happiness and satisfaction.

Fearless: Approaching life with courage and boldness, facing challenges without fear.

Finish: Committing to completing tasks, focusing on bringing projects or goals to a successful conclusion.

Fitness: Concentrating on physical health and strength, committing to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Flourish: Thriving in a positive environment, growing vigorously in personal or professional life.

Flow: Embracing a state where you are fully immersed and operating with effortless efficiency.

Fly: Aspiring to rise above challenges, reaching new heights and embracing freedom.

Focus: Channeling attention and energy on specific goals, clarifying priorities to achieve success.

Forgive: Letting go of grievances and finding peace, allowing yourself and others to move on from past hurts.

Forward: Progressing towards the future with determination, constantly moving ahead and improving.

Foster: Encouraging development and growth, nurturing talents or ideas until they reach their potential.

Foundation: Building a solid base of principles or skills, establishing a firm grounding for future actions.

Free: Embracing independence and liberation, making choices unbound by constraints or limitations.

Freedom: Celebrating the power to act, speak, or think without hindrance or restraint.

Friend: Valuing companionship and support, being a source of comfort and camaraderie to others.

Friends: Investing in relationships that provide mutual support, enjoyment, and growth.

Fulfill: Achieving satisfaction by realizing personal dreams or completing significant achievements.

Fulfilling: Experiencing deep satisfaction and meaning in activities and relationships.

Fun: Incorporating play and enjoyment into daily life, ensuring life is vibrant and pleasurable.

Future: Looking ahead with optimism, planning for upcoming opportunities and experiences.

Generosity: Practicing the art of giving freely, sharing time, resources, or kindness without expecting anything in return.

Generous: Displaying a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected, often enriching others’ lives.

Gentle: Approaching the world with kindness and softness, influencing others without force or harshness.

Gently: Moving through life with a light and careful touch, acting with tenderness and consideration.

Give: Focusing on the act of providing to others, contributing positively to the lives around you.

Glorious: Living in a way that is full of glory, splendid or magnificent in actions and achievements.

Glow: Radiating light and positivity, shining both internally and externally with happiness and health.

Glow-up: Transforming in a positive way, improving one’s life, appearance, or well-being markedly.

Go: Embracing action and movement, pushing forward with determination and energy.

Goals: Setting and pursuing clear objectives, striving to achieve your ambitions and dreams.

Grace: Moving through life with elegance and poise, treating others with compassion and respect.

Gracious: Exhibiting charm, kindness, and courtesy in social interactions, creating a pleasant environment.

Gratitude: Cultivating an attitude of thankfulness, appreciating the good in life and expressing it regularly.

Grounded: Staying connected to one’s core values and reality, maintaining balance and stability.

Grow: Embracing personal development, expanding in capabilities, understanding, or size.

Growth: Committing to continuous improvement and learning, evolving in every aspect of life.

Habit: Forming consistent behaviors that contribute to personal betterment and effectiveness.

Happy: Seeking joy and contentment in daily experiences, fostering an overall sense of well-being.

Harmony: Striving for balance and peace in personal relationships and within oneself.

Heal: Focusing on recovery and wholeness, mending from physical or emotional wounds.

Health: Prioritizing physical and mental well-being, adopting practices that support a healthy lifestyle.

Heart: Acting with love and compassion, being guided by one’s innermost feelings and convictions.

Here: Emphasizing presence and mindfulness, living fully in the current moment.

Higher: Aspiring to elevate one’s mind or situation, reaching for loftier goals and ideals.

Home: Building a place or feeling of comfort and security, where one can truly be themselves.

Honest: Upholding truthfulness and integrity in actions and words, being genuine with oneself and others.

Honesty: Valuing and demonstrating truth and authenticity in all aspects of life.

Hope: Holding onto a positive expectation for the future, believing in the possibility of good outcomes.

Humble: Maintaining modesty about one’s achievements, recognizing the value and contributions of others.

Hustle: Working hard and with energy, showing dedication and determination in one’s endeavors.

Imagination: Embracing the power to create and visualize new ideas, exploring the limitless possibilities of the mind.

Imagine: Inviting oneself to envision possibilities beyond the present reality, considering what could be with creativity.

Immerse: Diving deeply into experiences or studies, becoming fully absorbed and involved in the present activity.

Improve: Committing to continuous betterment, always seeking ways to enhance oneself or one’s circumstances.

Improvement: The process of making or becoming better, a journey of personal growth and enhancement.

Increase: Aiming for growth and expansion in various aspects of life, such as knowledge, well-being, or wealth.

Indulge: Allowing oneself to enjoy life’s pleasures in moderation, savoring experiences without excess.

Inspiration: The stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity, sparking creativity or action.

Inspire: To fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially something creative or positive.

Integrity: Adhering to moral and ethical principles, ensuring consistency between one’s values and actions.

Intent: The determination to perform a particular act or to act in a particular manner for a specific reason.

Intention: A resolved plan or aim, guiding one’s actions with purpose and forethought.

Intentional: Doing something deliberately, with awareness and purpose, aligning actions with conscious choices.

Intimacy: The closeness and attachment achieved through deeply personal interactions, fostering strong bonds.

Intimate: Characterized by a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship.

Intuition: Relying on one’s innate and instinctive knowing, often without the need for conscious reasoning.

Journey: Emphasizing the adventure of life, appreciating the progression of experiences and growth throughout the year.

Joy: Cultivating an inner sense of delight and pleasure, finding happiness in the small and large moments alike.

Jump: Taking bold leaps of faith and action, embracing opportunities with enthusiasm and courage.

Kind: Fostering a gentle and benevolent spirit, treating others with empathy and warmth.

Kindness: Practicing acts of compassion and generosity, contributing to a more loving world.

Laugh: Encouraging a sense of humor and lightness, finding reasons to express joy and amusement openly.

Laughter: Using the infectious and healing power of laughing to create bonds and diminish stress.

Lead: Inspiring leadership qualities within oneself, guiding by example and with integrity.

Learn: Dedicating oneself to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, remaining curious and open-minded.

Less: Embracing simplicity and minimalism, focusing on the essentials and decluttering life’s complexities.

Life: Celebrating the vitality and experiences that compose our existence, cherishing every moment.

Light: Seeking enlightenment and clarity, illuminating one’s path and the paths of others.

Listen: Developing the art of truly hearing others, fostering understanding and deeper connections.

Live: Fully engaging with the present, living each day with intention and zest.

Love: Cultivating deep affection and care for oneself and others, the cornerstone of a meaningful year.

Magic: Infusing everyday life with a sense of wonder and the unexpected, recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Magical: Looking at the world with awe, as if through a lens that turns the mundane into the enchanting.

Manifest: Focusing on bringing goals and dreams into reality through positive thinking and firm belief in one’s abilities.

Meditate: Committing to inner contemplation to achieve calmness and clarity, enhancing personal peace and understanding.

Memories: Creating and cherishing life’s precious moments, recognizing the value of experiences and lessons learned.

Mindful: Being fully present and engaged in the current task or moment, cultivating an awareness of thoughts and surroundings.

Mindfulness: Practicing a state of active, open attention to the present, observing one’s thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Moment: Valuing the immediacy of now, acknowledging that each minute is a gift to be savored.

Moments: Collecting the tiny, precious snippets of life that bring joy, insight, and richness to one’s journey.

Money: Approaching finances with wisdom and intention, aiming for security and the ability to support cherished dreams.

More: Seeking abundance in all forms, whether it be more love, more growth, or more experiences.

Mother: Embracing nurturing qualities, caring deeply for oneself and others, just as a mother would.

Move: Maintaining momentum and progress in physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

New: Encouraging new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and the courage to start anew.

Nature: Connecting with the natural world for grounding, inspiration, and rejuvenation.

No: Mastering the power of setting boundaries and saying no to what does not serve one’s well-being or purpose.

Now: Emphasizing the importance of the present, living each day fully without deferment.

Nurture: Providing care and encouragement for personal growth and the growth of others, like a seedling to sunlight.

Observe: Encouraging a keen awareness of the environment and learning from both the subtle and pronounced aspects of life.

Open: Cultivating a willingness to receive new experiences, ideas, and changes with acceptance and curiosity.

Organize: Emphasizing the importance of order and structure, creating harmony in one’s surroundings and schedule.

Overcome: Focusing on resilience and the ability to move beyond obstacles, celebrating each triumph over challenges.

Pardon: Practicing forgiveness and letting go of grudges, allowing oneself and others the space to move forward.

Partner: Building strong relationships based on mutual support, collaboration, and shared goals.

Passion: Fueling actions with intense enthusiasm and energy, pursuing interests that ignite the spirit.

Patience: Embracing the journey with calm and self-control, understanding that some things take time to unfold.

Pause: Allowing oneself moments of stillness and rest, reflecting on experiences and rejuvenating the mind and body.

Peace: Seeking inner serenity and fostering harmonious relationships, contributing to a tranquil environment.

Permission: Giving oneself the authority to break from norms or expectations in pursuit of personal happiness and fulfillment.

Persevere: Maintaining determination and persistence in the face of adversity, staying committed to one’s path.

Persist: Keeping steadfast to goals and efforts despite difficulties, embodying the tenacity of spirit.

Perspective: Adopting a viewpoint that brings clarity and understanding, appreciating diverse angles and insights.

Play: Embracing fun and spontaneity, recognizing the importance of leisure and creativity for a balanced life.

Positivity: Maintaining an optimistic outlook, focusing on the good and the potential in every situation.

Possibilities: Keeping an open mind to the vast potential of the future, exploring different paths and opportunities.

Possibility: Believing in the potential for change and growth, and the ability to transform dreams into reality.

Possible: Acknowledging the capability within oneself to achieve what may once have seemed out of reach.

Power: Harnessing one’s inner strength and influence to effect change and inspire others.

Powerful: Embodying a strong presence and impact, asserting one’s abilities in a positive and transformative manner.

Practice: Committing to continuous improvement through repeated exercise and discipline in any skill or habit.

Pray: Connecting with spirituality or a higher power, seeking comfort, guidance, and strength.

Presence: Being mentally and emotionally available in each moment, engaging fully with life as it happens.

Present: Concentrating on the here and now, valuing the current moment without distraction from past or future.

Prime: Ensuring conditions are at their best, preparing oneself for peak performance and experiences.

Probable: Recognizing and increasing the likelihood of achieving one’s aspirations and successful outcomes.

Progress: Moving steadily towards goals, recognizing and celebrating each step forward.

Progression: Appreciating the continuous journey of growth and advancement in personal and professional arenas.

Prosper: Thriving and succeeding in various aspects of life, finding success and well-being.

Purpose: Living with intention, understanding one’s reasons and motivations, and aligning actions with core values.

Question: Encouraging curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge, not settling for the surface but digging deeper for truth and understanding.

Quiet: Valuing stillness and the power of silence, providing space for introspection and clarity of thought.

Re-brand: The process of transformation and change, reshaping one’s identity or image to align with new goals or perspectives.

Receive: Being open to accepting help, love, and abundance from others, acknowledging the value of interdependence.

Reclaim: Taking back control of aspects of life that may have been neglected or overlooked, restoring ownership over one’s path.

Reflect: Taking time to consider past experiences and their impact, using insights gained to inform future choices.

Relax: Prioritizing downtime and stress relief, understanding the importance of balance between work and leisure.

Release: Letting go of what no longer serves a purpose, whether it’s emotional burdens, past regrets, or material clutter.

Renew: Embracing opportunities for a fresh start and rejuvenation of one’s mind, body, and spirit.

Renewal: The process of regenerating and reviving one’s energy and perspective, often leading to new beginnings.

Reset: Wiping the slate clean to start anew, often with a refined approach or mindset.

Resolve: A firm determination to meet one’s goals and to overcome challenges, embodying commitment and tenacity.

Respect: Honoring oneself and others, understanding the value of diversity, boundaries, and mutual consideration.

Rest: Recognizing the necessity of sleep and relaxation to restore energy and promote well-being.

Retreat: Taking time away from the usual environment or stresses, often to gain perspective and mental clarity.

Revive: Bringing new energy and vitality into life, rekindling passions or interests that may have dimmed.

Rise: Overcoming adversity or elevating oneself to meet challenges with courage and confidence.

Romance: Encouraging the pursuit of love and passion, and fostering deep connections with others.

Satisfaction: Embracing a sense of fulfillment and contentment from personal achievements, and nurturing a mindset that appreciates the present moment’s gifts.

Seek: Encouraging an active exploration of life’s possibilities, fostering a relentless quest for personal growth, knowledge, and new experiences.

Self: Promoting a journey towards self-discovery and authenticity, where personal identity is explored and embraced in its entirety.

Self-care: Committing to practices that prioritize one’s well-being, advocating for mental, emotional, and physical health as a foundation for a fulfilling year.

Self-love: Choosing to cherish oneself, upholding self-worth and kindness towards oneself as pillars for resilience and confidence.

Serene: Aspiring to a state of calmness and tranquility amidst life’s chaos, finding inner peace through mindfulness and stillness.

Serenity: Seeking a peaceful and untroubled heart, creating an oasis of calm in one’s life that fosters clarity and a harmonious existence.

Share: Cultivating a spirit of generosity and community by giving of oneself and one’s resources, enriching the lives of others as well as one’s own.

Shift: Embracing change and the willingness to transition to new mindsets or circumstances, valuing adaptability and the power of transformation.

Shine: Allowing one’s true potential and unique abilities to radiate outward, living boldly and luminously.

Siblings: Honoring and strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, finding strength and support in familial ties.

Simple: Emphasizing simplicity in life, focusing on what truly matters and discarding the superfluous to achieve clarity and joy.

Simplify: Making a conscious effort to reduce complexity in daily living, creating space for what’s truly important and finding satisfaction in the basics.

Sister: Nurturing relationships with sisters or sisterly figures, recognizing the strength and support found in these bonds.

Sisterhood: Building and celebrating connections with other women, fostering a sense of solidarity, support, and empowerment.

Slow: Taking a deliberate pace in life’s journey, savoring each moment and rejecting the rush in favor of depth and quality of experience.

Small: Finding beauty and value in the little things, recognizing that small steps can lead to significant changes.

Smile: Embracing joy and spreading happiness through the simple act of smiling, fostering positivity in oneself and others.

Son: Cherishing and nurturing the relationship with sons or son-like figures, guiding and supporting them through life’s journey.

Soul: Deepening the connection with one’s inner essence, exploring the spiritual depth and emotional richness within.

Soulful: Engaging in activities and relationships that feed the soul, evoking depth, passion, and authenticity in one’s life.

Spark: Igniting passion and enthusiasm for life, fostering creativity and the initiation of new ideas or ventures.

Sparkle: Encouraging a vibrant and radiant approach to life, shining brightly and inspiring others through one’s actions and presence.

Speak: Valuing honest and heartfelt communication, expressing one’s truth with clarity and confidence.

Spirit: Embracing the vivacious part of oneself that is driven by passion and enthusiasm, celebrating the intangible essence that animates life.

Still: Finding strength in stillness, allowing quietude to bring wisdom, reflection, and a centered sense of being.

Strength: Building inner and outer fortitude, facing challenges with courage, and cultivating resilience.

Strengthen: Committing to personal growth and fortifying one’s character, relationships, and physical well-being.

Stretch: Pushing beyond comfort zones, expanding one’s horizons, and reaching towards new goals.

Strive: Showing dedication and determination in pursuing objectives, consistently working towards personal aspirations.

Success: Defining and achieving one’s own version of success, celebrating milestones and learning from the journey towards them.

Support: Offering and seeking encouragement, understanding the importance of community and mutual aid on the path to personal fulfillment.

Surrender: Letting go of the need to control every outcome, trusting the flow of life and embracing the lessons it brings.

Surroundings: Being mindful of and cultivating the environment, both physical and social, that influences one’s well-being and happiness.

Survive: Demonstrating resilience and perseverance, overcoming adversity and emerging stronger from life’s challenges.

Teach: Embracing the role of both student and mentor, this word invites a year of imparting knowledge and wisdom while remaining open to life’s lessons.

Think: Encouraging a mindful approach to every situation, ‘think’ is about engaging deeply with ideas, fostering critical analysis and thoughtful consideration.

Thrive: This word sets the intention to go beyond merely surviving, aiming for a flourishing state of well-being and success in all endeavors.

Today: ‘Today’ centers on the present, encouraging a focus on the now and making the most of every moment without deferring dreams.

Touch: This signifies forming connections, reaching out to others, and experiencing the world through heartfelt interactions and sensory experiences.

Transform: A call to profound personal change, transformation is about evolving, growing, and improving oneself through intentional action.

Transformation: This word suggests a period of significant change, symbolizing the metamorphosis of one’s life, perspectives, and circumstances.

Travel: Promoting exploration, ‘travel’ is about discovering new places and perspectives, and the personal growth that comes from new experiences.

Treasure: A reminder to cherish and value the important things in life, from moments and memories to relationships and achievements.

Trust: This word emphasizes the importance of fostering reliability and faith in oneself and in relationships with others.

Truth: ‘Truth’ as a focus word inspires authenticity, honesty, and the pursuit of genuine understanding and expression.

Try: An encouragement to take chances and be open to new experiences, ‘try’ is about the courage to face failure and the persistence to succeed.

Understand: This word invites a year dedicated to gaining deeper insights, empathy, and comprehension in all aspects of life.

Unique: Celebrating individuality, ‘unique’ focuses on embracing and expressing one’s distinct personality and path in life.

Unlimited: Suggesting boundless possibilities, ‘unlimited’ encourages an expansive approach to life’s potential and opportunities.

Unstoppable: This word conveys a sense of indomitable spirit, resilience, and determination to overcome challenges and keep moving forward.

Value: To prioritize the importance of personal principles, relationships, and experiences, emphasizing the enrichment they bring to life.

Vision: A word that encourages looking ahead with clarity and imagination, setting sights on future goals and dreams.

Visionary: Inspiring the courage to see beyond the present and lead with innovation and foresight for what can be achieved.

Vulnerability: Embracing openness and emotional exposure as strengths that foster deeper connections and personal growth.

Vulnerable: Highlighting the power in acknowledging one’s emotions and limitations, which can lead to greater resilience and authenticity.

Wake: A call to become more conscious and aware, stirring from passivity into active engagement with life.

Wander: Encouraging exploration without a set destination, to find inspiration and perspective in the journey itself.

Wellness: Focusing on holistic health, this word promotes a balanced approach to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Whole: To seek integration and completeness, ensuring that every part of one’s life is acknowledged and valued.

Wholehearted: Living with full engagement and sincerity, investing in every action and moment with full emotion and effort.

Why: Provoking curiosity and the quest for deeper understanding, driving one to seek the purpose and reason behind life’s experiences.

Wild: Invoking the energy of untamed nature, this word encourages one to live with spontaneity and an unrestrained spirit.

Win: Aspiring towards success and victory in one’s endeavors, celebrating achievements both big and small.

Winning: Fostering a mindset of striving for excellence and recognizing the efforts that lead to successful outcomes.

Wisdom: The pursuit of knowledge, insight, and judgment, and applying them thoughtfully throughout life’s complexities.

Wise: Encouraging the application of knowledge with judgment and empathy, to navigate life’s choices with discernment.

Wish: Holding onto hope and aspirations, allowing oneself to dream and set intentions for future fulfillment.

Wonder: Cultivating a sense of awe and discovery, remaining open to the beauty and mysteries of the world.

Work: Dedicating effort and skill towards meaningful tasks, and finding satisfaction in the process and results of one’s endeavors.

Worth: Recognizing and honoring one’s own value and the significance of others, as well as the true value of life’s experiences.

Wow: Encouraging enthusiasm and amazement, this word captures the joy of surprising delights and extraordinary experiences.

Yes: An affirmative nod to new opportunities, embracing positivity and the willingness to step into the unknown with confidence.

Word Of The Year Ideas List 2024

Word For The Year Generator

Still can’t decide? Check out this free tool to find some more personal selections: Word For The Year 2024 Generator

Why I’m choosing 4 this year

In 2023, I have focused on the word simplify.

It was exactly what I needed going into 2023 as I was craving a simpler way of living. Simplifying and decluttering our home and our schedules has been amazing. It was basically a word that was screaming at me this time last year. And it worked.

As to be expected, I now feel differently. When I was trying to decide on my word for the year, I had four words that kept jumping out at me:

  • Abundance
  • Memories
  • Brave
  • Self-love

A year is a long time, but also goes by very quickly. So, I’ve decided that I will focus on all four as they are obviously much needed in my current stage of life.

There are no rules. If you choose a word and then part way through the year, you want to change it, add another or modify it – then do it!

It’s your own personal ‘game’! You might even find that you want to choose a new word each month to focus on?

I hope this provides some ideas for you. I would love to hear your thoughts on having a word for the year and what that word is…


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  1. I love this! I am a creator and have a sign making business. This inspires me to offer custom signs for people’s “word of the year” as well as offer a workshop for them to create their own. My word this year is “confidence” – that I can succeed in business & life goals, that I am good enough, I have skills to offer and have the confidence to let them shine!
    Thank you and have a very blessed & amazing 2020!

  2. I am choosing 31 words, I will choose a random word from a container each morning and focus on that word that day. For example if I pick the word ‘kindness’ I will be more aware of where I can do random acts of kindness. If the word is ‘adventure’ then I will go on an adventure that day, it doesn’t have to be anything huge, it can be as simple as going to a store I’ve never been to or trying a new food. You get the idea, I plan on doing this every month with the same words to expand my horizons.

  3. Enjoyed reading through this. I’ve struggled to find my word and was looking for inspiration. A little disappointed that mother made the list but father didn’t. Same for sister but not brother. Just made me think.

    Have a great day.

  4. I’ve had 2 bad years (2019 & 2020). So for 2021 I have chosen 32 words because that is what I feel I need. I haven’t set my goals yet, still dealing with some overflow from 2020, so my goals may be a little late.
    Thanks for the post, it really helped me find my words and I knew which ones were for me as soon as I read them.

  5. Thank you for the list. I’ve had a word for the year since 2016 ‘Let Go Let God’. I had so much to let go of! It all started in March 2015 and continued until February 2016. I had 4 close family members passed, I had total knee replacement and lost my job at my church daycare as director. In 2016, I was very hurt by my adult children and spouse and foot surgery. All of which happened in one years time!
    I had much pain, hurt, grief, and unforgiveness to ‘Let Go’ of and ‘Let God’ heal. The ‘Let Go’ started with things then went to my heart. I was able to ‘Let Go and Let God’. I found out that, Be still and know I am God actually means ‘Let Go and Let God’. I have had a word for the year since! Last year was ‘Intentional’, Whether in word or deed do all as unto the Lord. I like to put a scripture verse with it! I haven’t decided about this year but I’m thinking about more than one! I like your idea! I also liked the idea of 31 words! Thanks again! I didn’t have a list to pull from when I started but the word for the year was very effective for me with the Lord’s help!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe how many creative Word of the Year ideas are listed in this post! As someone who loves setting intentions for the new year, I’m definitely bookmarking this guide for inspiration. I’m intrigued by the idea of choosing a word that represents a specific theme or goal, rather than just a generic “resolution.” I think this approach will help me stay focused and motivated throughout the year. Thanks for sharing!

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