6 Ted Talks On The Power Of Gratitude

Just in case you need a bit more convincing on the enormous benefits of practising gratitude, here are 6 different ted talks on gratitude to check out.

All of these talks take a different angle on the ‘how and why’ of practising gratitude and they come from people of different ages, genders, professions, cultures and backgrounds.

All are inspiring and thought-provoking about the powerful benefits of gratitude. Enjoy.

6 Ted Talks On The Power Of Gratitude

Ted Talks on Gratitude

1. ‘365 Days of Thank You’ Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle talks about a personal gratitude project he undertook to say ‘thank you’ to one person per day for an entire year.

He speaks about how it led to deeper relationships with those in his life and shifted his mindset into starting each day with looking for the good.

It will inspire you to start your own challenge.

2. ‘Want to be happy? Be GratefulDavid Steindl-Rast

Brother David Steindl-Rast believes that all humans want to be happy and happiness is born from gratitude. And a simple method to practice gratitude is to ‘Stop. Look. Go’:

  • Stop, get quiet and slow down. Create little ‘stop signs’ in your life to remind you.
  • Look. Open your eyes and all your other senses to enjoy what is given to us.
  • Go. Take the opportunity and go with it. Enjoy it and pass it to others.

A calming voice on slowing down and enjoying these wonderful moments in life.

3. ‘The power of saying thank you’ Laura Trice

A really quick talk about receiving gratitude from others.

Putting away being shy and embarrassed and instead, asking for the things you need. Be honest about the praise that you need from others. Interesting concept, right?

4. ‘365 grateful projectHailey Bartholomew

Lacking enthusiasm for life, Hailey Bartholomew decided to embark on a 365-day project on being more grateful.

Taking a ‘grateful photo’ per day changed her role as a mother, a partner and her entire life. It also gave her the chance to really see what was going on in her life, and to count her blessings.

5. ‘Two words that can change your lifeTanmeet Sethi  

A thought-provoking talk about gratitude as a ‘medicine’. Tanmeet Sethi is an integrative physician that believes in the whole mind and body health.

Neuro-science research is showing that gratitude can work like an anti-depressant and can send a signal of safety to our brains.

Even when everything isn’t going well: ‘Gratitude reminds ourselves of the good that lies next to the difficult.’

6. ‘Oprah’s Gratitude Journal Lifeclass‘ Oprah Winfrey  

A quick but great talk by Oprah about keeping a gratitude journal.

Physically writing down 5 things (big or small) each day that you are grateful for can have an enormous impact on your attitude and bring more of what you are grateful for.

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