Funny 6 Letter Words (With Meanings)

Here is a list of funny words that all have six letters.

They can be considered funny because of the way they sound, the whimsical imagery they evoke, or their definition. Maybe a combination of each.

Many of these words possess phonetic qualities, playful rhythms, or unexpected combinations of letters that tickle the ear.

Enjoy 🙂

funny 6 letter words

Funny 6 Letter Words List

  • Bamboo – A type of tall, flexible grass that is used for building and crafting.
  • Blabber – To talk excessively without making much sense.
  • Boogle – A variant of “boggle”, meaning to overwhelm or astonish.
  • Bumble – To act or speak clumsily.
  • Chortl – Short for “chortle”, which means to laugh heartily.
  • Chuckle – To laugh quietly.
  • Clatter – A continuous rattling sound.
  • Dabble – To immerse partially and briefly.
  • Dingle – A deep, wooded valley or dell.
  • Droplet – A tiny drop of liquid.
  • Flimfl – Short for “flimflam”, a petty deception or trickery.
  • Froth – A mass of small bubbles in liquid.
  • Fuddle – To confuse or befuddle.
  • Giggle – A light, silly laugh.
  • Gobble – The characteristic sound made by a turkey; also means to eat something quickly.
  • Gurgle – A bubbly, liquid-like sound.
  • Hiccup – An involuntary spasm of the diaphragm producing a sudden breath intake with a closure of the glottis.
  • Hobnob – To socialize or talk informally, often with people of higher social status.
  • Ineptly – In a manner showing no skill or competence.
  • Jibber – To talk rapidly and incoherently; gibberish.
  • Jumble – To mix in a confused way.
  • Kludge – A clumsy solution or fix, especially in computing.
  • Knickkn – Short for “knickknack”, a small decorative ornament or trinket.
  • Loblop – A made-up word that sounds humorous but doesn’t have a standard definition.
  • Lollap – A variant of “lollipop”, a sugary candy on a stick.
  • Muddle – To bring into a disordered or confusing state.
  • Muffin – A small baked good that is somewhere between a bread and a cake.
  • Mumble – To speak in a low and unclear tone, making it hard for others to understand.
  • Noddle – An old term for the head or noggin.
  • Nuzzle – To push gently or nudge, especially with the nose or snout.
  • Oodles – A very great number or amount of something.
  • Piffle – Nonsense or trivial talk.
  • Puddle – A small pool of liquid, especially rainwater.
  • Quibble – A slight objection or criticism; to argue over petty matters.
  • Quokka – A small wallaby found in Australia, known for its friendly nature and “smiling” face.
  • Rabble – A disorderly crowd or mob.
  • Riffraff – Disreputable persons; rabble.
  • Snicker – A smothered or half-suppressed laugh.
  • Squawk – A loud, harsh noise, like that of a bird.
  • Tinker – To attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.
  • Tittle – A tiny amount or part; also, the dot over the letters ‘i’ and ‘j’.
  • Unplug – To disconnect an electrical device by pulling its plug out.
  • Uppity – Acting snobbish or superior.
  • Vexing – Annoying or frustrating.
  • Waddle – To walk with short steps, swaying from side to side.
  • Xebec – A small three-masted Mediterranean ship.
  • Yaffle – An old term meaning to eat or drink noisily.
  • Zigzag – A pattern made up of small corners at variable angles.
  • Zoodle – A noodle made from zucchini.

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