When You’re Ridiculously Happy, But Full of Worry

Life moves in ebbs and flows.

Sometimes life is easy, calm and amazing. Sometimes it’s just extremely bleeping hard.  And then of course, there’s all sorts of in-between too.


But what happens when you’re really, really happy and content?

And instead of just enjoying it, you’re consumed with worry?

Because, it can’t last, right? Something will go wrong eventually, it’s probably even just around the corner?

My friend and I were just talking about this recently. Despite both always wanting to lose weight after the birth of our third children (I know, I know), almost all other parts of our lives were currently peachy-keen. Not perfect of course – but pretty amazing overall.

Problem is, we both are all too aware of the tough times. It’s as if we are both expecting that next phone call. That next problem or drama. We were both being grateful and enjoying this current stage we were both in, but why does that worry keep nagging?

We laughed it off, but it reminded me of something that Brene Brown has spoken about in her amazing talks about vulnerability:

“The problem is, worrying about things that haven’t happened doesn’t protect us from pain. Ask anyone who has experienced a tragedy; they’ll tell you there is no way to prepare. Instead, catastrophizing, as I call it, squanders the one thing we all want more of in life. We simply cannot know joy without embracing vulnerability—and the way to do that is to focus on gratitude, not fear. “

And with that, I got a much-needed reminder.

To just be aware of those silly worries when they pop up, put them back in their place and instead focus on being present and grateful – all while enjoying these current moments of sublime.

Because no, nothing lasts forever. The good or the bad. And why waste the good times with worrying about the bad? It’s such a waste.

Whether you’re currently in an ebb or a flow (or the somewhere in between), I hope you too can find some time to practice gratitude today. Even if it’s a quick mental checklist of the top 3 things that you are grateful for right now, it’s amazing the powerful mental shift it can provide.



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  1. Hi Gem,
    Life is definitely a mixed bag of tricks! Celebrating the highs, surviving the lows and coasting along in between helps with catastrophizing. I could not agree more that appreciating what we have puts it all into perspective.
    Loving your blog!

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