Keeping It Real Quotes & Sayings

This collection of quotes is all about keeping it real; being authentic, genuine and true to oneself.

What Does ‘Keep It Real’ Mean?

‘Keeping it real’, or ‘being real’ are simply terms to encourage authenticity, being true to oneself and with others. It’s honoring our true selves, how we feel and think and owning what we are and what we aren’t.

When we are able to be our authentic selves, it’s extremely empowering. Instead of blaming and shaming ourselves, we can instead move to self-acceptance and growth.

From there, we can gain clarity about what we do and don’t want for our lives, allowing us to focus and quickly leave situations that aren’t serving us.

Additionally, when we are true and accepting of ourselves, our relationships with others can improve and flourish also.

Keeping It Real Quotes

The following inspiring quotes are all centred around keeping it real, being authentic and encouraging us all to consider what ‘being real’ means to us individually. We hope they inspire you too:


“I let people see the cracks in my life. We can’t be phony. We’ve got to keep it real.” Charles R. Swindoll


“Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.” Julius Charles Hare


“Tell the truth. It’s your duty to do so. It’s up to them how they take in the information. Keep it real.” J.R. Rim


“Buddhist mindfulness is about the present, but I also think it’s about being real. Being awake to everything. Feeling like nothing can hurt you if you can look it straight on.” Krista Tippett


“But above all, in order to be, never try to seem.” Albert Camus


“I know of nothing more valuable, when it comes to the all-important virtue of authenticity, than simply being who you are.” Charles R. Swindoll


“Being yourself is probably the only thing you need to skyrocket your life.” Hiral Nagda


“We tell the real truth of our life by the stories we repeatedly tell.” Mary Anne Radmacher


“Be who you are and say what you want, for those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss


“Forget about being impressive and commit to being real. Because being real is impressive!” Jonathan Harnisch


Be Real Quotes


“Authenticity is the language of visionaries.” Andrena Sawyer


“Learn to be what you are and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not.” Henri Frederic Amiel


“Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.” Henry David Thoreau


“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it.” Vince Lombardi


“I feel it’s most important to keep it real and enjoy each moment, you know, take advantage of every opportunity life provides, because who knows what tomorrow may bring.” C. R. Johnson


“Enlightenment is the key to everything, and it is the key to intimacy, because it is the goal of true authenticity.” Marianne Williamson


“Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.” Aesop


“I try to keep it real. I don’t have time to worry about what I’m projecting to the world. I’m just busy being myself.” Demi Lovato


Be Authentic Quotes


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Steve Jobs


“Vulnerability gives us freedom, power and connects us to a network of injured souls. It is through the art of being real that we can heal ourself and others.” Shannon L. Alder


“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.” Brene Brown


“You were born an original. Don t die a copy.” John Mason


“Authenticity is everything! You have to wake up every day and look in the mirror, and you want to be proud of the person who’s looking back at you. And you can only do that if you’re being honest with yourself and being a person of high character. You have an opportunity every single day to write that story of your life.” Aaron Rodgers


“The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity.” Tony Robbins


“Share your weaknesses. Share your hard moments. Share your real side. It’ll either scare away every fake person in your life or it will inspire them to finally let go of that mirage called “perfection,” which will open the doors to the most important relationships you’ll ever be a part of.” Dan Pearce


“Be the girl you want your daughter to be. Be the girl you want your son to date. Be classy, be smart, be real, but most importantly be nice.” Germany Kent


“Catchphrases and cliches don’t make you real.” Carlos Wallace


“It takes courage to become authentic. So many talk about the light but not enough speak the truth about the struggles it takes to get there and the tools to overcome it all.” Nikki Rowe


“Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world.” Adam Grant


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