The Most Important ‘To-Do’ List You Need in Your Life!

Your to do list (for life)

There is always going to be a hundred things that you really should get done today.

If your to-do list is anything like mine, it’s never ending.

But is it all really that important?

Sure, there are definitely consequences of not getting some things completed.

But what happens if we don’t get the really, really important stuff ‘done’ each day?

What happens then?

I know (from experience) that these can have far worse long-term consequences.

Yet, that’s not what we tend to measure our success on each day, is it?

So, what if you write another sort of ‘to-do’ list? A far more important one?

One that is directly in-line with your passion, your ‘why’, your main priorities in life.

The tasks on them won’t be ‘urgent’, so they could easily be forgotten or skipped.

But, if you completed some or all of them, each day, your life would be exponentially better.

So, I wrote a new list. Short, simple and to the point.


My ‘Most Important To-Do List’:

For me:

  • Connected with my hubby
  • Spent one on one time with each of my children
  • Told them all that I love them and made them feel important
  • Exercised in some way
  • Meditated (or at least had 5 minutes of quiet alone time)
  • Written in my gratitude journal
  • Spoken (not just texted) to at least one other family member and/or friend
  • Treated myself (mind, body & soul) kindly
  • Completed at least one ‘random act of kindness’
  • Acted on my big goals, in some way.

All of them are actions that support my main priorities in life. Can’t get more important than that right?

Now, I can’t say everything on my Most Important To-Do List’ gets done each and every day.

And I don’t beat myself up if they don’t – because that’s not the point of it.

The point is to keep your key priorities front and center and the daily actions that will be honoring them.

I don’t wander around all day aiming to tick them all off one by one, but by writing them down, Ive set my intentions and it’s ultimately what I’m striving for.

And most importantly, it gives me focus and direction.

If I have the chance to do one of the above and I have to forgo the tasks on my other ‘to-do’ list, the above will win out every time!

What Is Important in Life?

Think about the biggest priorities in your life.

Are you doing something each and every day that honors these?

Because, both in the short & long-term, they are far more important than those dirty dishes in the sink! 

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  1. This post has really made me think! I’m the biggest to-do list writer around…I can have multiple lists running at any one time. And if I really sit back and consider the ‘tasks’ I’m busting my butt to accomplish they can be very menial. Ultimately, at the end of the day they aren’t ‘filling my bucket’ (a term my six year old has recently taught me from her school resilience lessons).
    Reading this post has made me realise that I want to write another (more important) list xxx

  2. Love this! I think we often lose sight of the things that are really important! Sometimes you need a little reminder of the things that truly matter!

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