45 of the Best Quotes About Distraction

The following quotes about distraction will encourage you to think about what often distracts you and if this is affecting your life and where you want to be.

Because we know that in order to achieve success in life (no matter what that looks like to you), there is a journey, a series of tasks, small and big steps and a certain amount of ‘grind’ to be done.

Unproductive distractions just get in our way.

An unproductive distraction (most are!) will eat up your time that you could be used better, but this is actually not the worst of it!

When we allow ourselves to be too distracted with unproductive and negative things, we tend to take a hit to our self-confidence and self-trust. Because we said we were going to get something done, and we haven’t. Again.   

The following collection of quotes about distraction can help to identify what bad distractions could be doing to us and inspire us to be more aware of these going forward.


Distraction Quotes

In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention. Pico Iyer


An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production. Robin Sharma


Be aware when distractions come your way. You’ll know it’s a distraction when you stop doing what you’re supposed to be doing and find yourself pondering things that have no value. Beverly R. Imes


The most dangerous distractions are the ones you love, but that don’t love you back. Warren Buffet


Disconnect from everything long enough to see if it feeds your soul or if it’s a distraction. What’s deeply connected will always remain. Maryam Hasnaa


Your results are the product of either personal focus or personal distractions. The choice is yours. John Di Lemme


Your billion-dollar ideas don’t show up in the middle of dramatic distraction. They show up when you have the business and personal discipline to make space for your creative mind to flourish. Robin S. Sharma


The age in which we live, this non-stop distraction, is making it more impossible for the young generation to ever have the curiosity or discipline… because you need to be alone to find out anything. Vivienne Westwood


If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come. C. S. Lewis


By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination. Christopher Columbus


When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation. Ramana Maharshi


One of the problems of modern society, or the post-Internet age, is that there are so many things bombarding us that we could care about. I think it’s more important than ever to really get clear and focus on what’s worth caring about and what’s just noise or distraction. Mark Manson


Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains. H. Emilie Cady


Nostalgia is a sweet place for a poet and writer to be in. But it’s an indulgence; a distraction. You can’t live in a distraction. Gulzar


At times the whole world seems to be in conspiracy to importune you with emphatic trifles. Friend, client, child, sickness, fear, want, charity, all knock at once at thy closet door and say,—’Come out unto us.’ But keep thy state; come not into their confusion. The power men possess to annoy me I give them by a weak curiosity. No man can come near me but through my act. Ralph Waldo Emerson


Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss. Douglas Horton


Distractions destroy action. If it’s not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone. Jermaine Riley


All profound distraction opens certain doors. You have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate. Julio Cortázar


Less distraction, more focus. Less gossip, more encouragement. Less past, more future. Less toxicity, more positivity. Robin Sharma


Sometimes I wish I never found the Internet. Sometimes I regret getting a laptop and Wi-Fi for logging into the Internet because it is such a distraction. If you have any addictive personality, the Internet will magnify it. Lupe Fiasco


I needed something – the distraction of another life – to alleviate fear. Bret Easton Ellis


Almost all accidents take place because of human distraction. Sebastian Thrun


What sets disciplined people apart? – The capacity to get past distractions. Focus on the task at hand.

Bill Parcells


Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist. As you go through the grind and the distraction of a career, it’s easy to lose sight of your dreams. Paul Walker


There’s no writer’s block; there’s only distraction. Carolyn Chute


I set a goal for myself everyday when I write – 10 pages a day – and it’s much harder because I’m too dumb to turn off my Twitter and everything so it’s always on and it’s a real distraction. It’s a major distraction. R. L. Stine


If you get stuck, get away from your desk. Take a walk, take a bath, go to sleep, make a pie, draw, listen to ­music, meditate, exercise; whatever you do, don’t just stick there scowling at the problem. But don’t make telephone calls or go to a party; if you do, other people’s words will pour in where your lost words should be. Open a gap for them, create a space. Be patient. Hilary Mantel


I intentionally abandoned the hard stuff early on because not only do I think it’s useless, I think it’s a distraction. Seth Godin


I can’t blame modern technology for my predilection for distraction, not after all the hours I’ve spent watching lost balloons disappear into the clouds. I did it before the Internet, and I’ll do it after the apocalypse, assuming we still have helium and weak-gripped children. Colson Whitehead


Multi-tasking arises out of distraction itself. Marilyn vos Savant


Skip the religion and politics, head straight to the compassion. Everything else is a distraction. Talib Kweli


What happens when you get to the age of 60 is that you have no more doubts. I know why I’m here on this planet. I know what I need to do. I know what is a distraction and what isn’t. John Zorn


Literally, from the moment I wake up from the moment I go to sleep, I’m just working without distraction. It’s just the way I’m wired. Lee Zeldin


Distraction wastes our energy, concentration restores it. Sharon Salzberg


I’m here to build something for the long-term. Anything else is a distraction. Mark Zuckerberg


“There’s nothing like the peace of the countryside, the quiet and the lack of distraction. It helps you to focus your mind.” Jenny Nimmo


When I find the right information, the Web is a blessing; when I don’t, it’s a distraction. Victor LaValle



Anyone who has tried to build something that changes people’s lives sometimes finds life to be a distraction, and finds people who don’t care as much as they do to be annoying. Ashton Kutcher


Funny Distraction Quotes

Sometimes, it’s good to have a laugh about distractions, because we all have them and we all know how annoying they can be!



Distracted from distraction by distraction. T. S. Eliot


The idea is to improve somebody’s day. That’s how I’ve always viewed my job. I’m a distraction therapist. I make people’s problems go away for just a little bit. Steve-O


You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one. Tom Kite


A puppy is the ultimate distraction. Philip Rosenthal


TV is a distraction from being awesome. James Blacker


‘Procrasdemon’ is fighting hard to feed off of distractions and pleasures. Neeraj Agnihotr



What is our greatest distraction?

Some of the greatest distractions facing us today include multiple social media options, fast and instant news and life updates, smart phones and a growing range of television subscriptions such as Netflix.

The common denominator being the internet.

The important thing is to be aware of what distracts us and make sure it isn’t impacting our lives in a negative way. That is only something we can individually assess.


What are positive distractions?

Of course, not all distractions are bad.

Sometimes, we need to shift our focus and allow our thoughts and feelings to be more positively impacted with positive distractions.

These may include face to face time with friends and family, watching positive and inspiring materials, exercise, preparing healthy and delicious meals and learning new things.

Again, positive distractions are individual, and you need to consider when you need a break from what you’re doing and will this recharge, reinvigorate and reinspire you again.


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