Inspiring Quotes About Wakeup Calls

A wake-up call is when something causes you to become more alert and pay attention. It can be a sudden event or something that has been happening over time and you’ve not really noticed the impact.

Wake up calls can happen for different reasons. Unfortunately, we can have a wakeup call forced upon us by a medical diagnosis, a tragedy, an accident, a death, a relationship breakup, or a financial situation.

Alternatively, we may feel the need for a wakeup call if we feel that we aren’t reaching our full potentials or that we’re on the wrong path. In this situation, it may be more a light-bulb moment, where a shift in perception or mindset can bring about motivation to make big changes.

The following quotes are all about all types of wakeup calls and can help inspire and motivate you:


Wakeup Call Quotes


“The universe is not short on wake-up calls. We’re just quick to hit the snooze button.” Brené Brown


“Sometimes it takes a wake-up call, doesn’t it, to alert us to the fact that we’re hurrying through our lives instead of actually living them; that we’re living the fast life instead of the good life. And I think, for many people, that wake-up call takes the form of an illness.” Carl Honore


“In the absence of wake-up calls, many of us never really confront the critical issues of life.” Stephen Covey


“All the dangers in our world are like a blessed wake up call. They tell us to live life NOW… not tomorrow, not when the children grow up, not when we retire… but NOW.” Susan Jeffers


“It’s always a wake-up call to get beaten.” Usain Bolt


“Life actually is this mystery and gift. And every moment of it can be full of real radical joy and wakefulness. And for some reason in our most difficult times, we have the best chance to wake up. Many people will tell you that their divorce or illness or loss of job was the wake up call.” Elizabeth Lesser


“I read an article somewhere that stated 1 in 4 American women will be considered clinically depressed in their lifetime. This should be more than a gold mine for pharmaceutical companies – it should be a wake-up call.” Marianne Williamson


“Anger can be a wonderful wake up call to help you understand what you need and what you value.” Marshall B. Rosenberg


“Use anger as a wake-up call to unmet needs.” Marshall B. Rosenberg


“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation. These two, your talents and the needs of the world, are the great wake up calls to your true vocation in life… to ignore this, is in some sense, is to lose your soul.” Aristotle


“I hate to say this, but sometimes you need a wake-up call.” Danny Garcia


“Cancer is a great wake-up call. A call to take the tag off the new lingerie and wear that black lacy slip. To open the box of pearls and put them on. To crack open the bath oil beads before they shrivel up in a bowl on the toilet tank.” Regina Brett


“Determination is the wake-up call to the human will.” Tony Robbins


“I think every guy that hits his 40s has a little bit of a wake-up call and wants to just keep things real, as they say, and just to push yourself.” Bill Rancic


“Cancer is such a wake-up call to remind us how high the cosmic stakes really are and how short and brief and frail life really is.” Joni Eareckson Tada


“In many ways, America is on the receiving end of a pendulum that has been swung with great force, and for a long time, outward into the world. The impact is a wake-up call on every level.” Henry Rollins


“As an overly confident college freshman, the first time I received a below-average score on an exam was a needed wake-up call.” Stephanie Coontz


“The fact that women represent such a small portion of the tech workforce shouldn’t just be a wake-up call – it should be a Sputnik moment. The tech industry is not America’s future; it is our present.” Susan Wojcicki


“You are in prison. If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.” G.I. Gurdjieff


“There needs to be a shift in consciousness; there needs to be an absolute wake-up call before society can actually make the kind of incredibly significant changes that need to happen.” Annie Lennox


“The loss of a job may be the wake up-call needed to redeem the fire of your genius.” Dan Miller


“I can look at cancer as a disease that picks me out and ‘why me,’ or I can look at it through love and say, ‘This is a wake-up call. This is my body telling me: ‘Hey, you’re out of balance here. It’s time to get in line with yourself.’” Melissa Etheridge


“We’ve been given a warning by science, and a wake-up call by nature; it is up to us now to heed them.” Bill McKibben


Funny Wake-Up Call Quotes


“I ordered a wake-up call the other day. The phone rang and a woman’s voice said, ‘What the hell are you doing with your life?’ Demetri Martin


“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” Thomas Sowell


“I tried, it was hard, I quit, the end. Story of my life.” Jen Lancaster


“I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” Ron White


“My life needs editing.” Mort Sahl


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