180+ Money Affirmations & Mantras For The Optimal Mindset

Let’s be upfront. Money affirmations aren’t a magic potion for instant wealth, nor are they an express ticket to financial independence.

However, they are an exceptional tool for transforming rigid attitudes towards money and broadening our perspectives.

These empowering statements have the potential to reshape our financial behaviors, cultivate an abundance mindset, and, in turn, manifest greater prosperity in our lives.

They help us to confront and overcome deep-seated beliefs that may be hindering our financial growth, which then flows onto how we ‘think’ about money naturally, how we ‘feel‘ about money and then how we ‘act’ around money.

Choosing Money Affirmations That Resonate With You Personally

Whilst we have included a long list of money affirmations around making, attracting, saving and sharing money, it’s important to find affirmations that work for you, personally.

When selecting money affirmations, it’s crucial to pick ones that resonate with our current circumstances while also stretching our beliefs about what’s achievable.

This balance is key because an affirmation that feels too implausible may instead reinforce our doubts, acting as a roadblock to our financial progress.

Aim for affirmations that, although challenging, still appear within the realm of possibility for you. Then keep building on up as your beliefs expand around money!

Money Affirmations About Making & Attracting Money

With these affirmations, you can foster a prosperous mindset that attracts wealth and abundance into your life.

The key is consistency. Repeat these affirmations daily, truly feel them, and watch your financial reality transform:

  1. “Money flows easily and abundantly into my life.”
  2. “I am a magnet for financial prosperity and wealth.”
  3. “My income is constantly increasing.”
  4. “I am worthy of financial success and abundance.”
  5. “Every dollar I spend returns to me multiplied.”
  6. “I am open and receptive to all the wealth life brings me.”
  7. “I am financially free and independent.”
  8. “I release all resistance to money, and it comes to me naturally.”
  9. “Money is the root of joy and comfort.”
  10. “I am the master of my wealth.”
  11. “My actions create constant prosperity.”
  12. “I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance.”
  13. “I am a money magnet and attract money easily.”
  14. “The Universe is conspiring to make me prosperous.”
  15. “I am grateful for the money flowing into my life.”
  16. “I am creating unlimited wealth that is in harmony with nature and humanity.”
  17. “My mind is a powerful magnet for profitable ideas.”
  18. “Money is my servant, and I am the master of my wealth.”
  19. “I am committed to constantly learning and growing, which increases my value and income.”
  20. “Every day, in every way, my wealth is increasing.”
  21. “My financial possibilities are limitless.”
  22. “Wealth and prosperity are circulating in my life.”
  23. “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.”
  24. “I am worthy of making more money.”
  25. “I am at peace with having a lot of money.”
  26. “I am capable of handling large sums of money.”
  27. “Money expands my opportunities and enriches my experiences.”
  28. “Every day, I am becoming richer in mind, body, and spirit.”
  29. “I use money to make the world a better place.”
  30. “Financial success is mine, I accept it now.”
  1. “My life is full of abundance and prosperity.”
  2. “I am debt-free, as money is constantly flowing into my life.”
  3. “My income exceeds my expenses.”
  4. “I attract money to give to others.”
  5. “I am in control of my financial future.”
  6. “I am generous with money as I know it will return in myriad ways.”
  7. “The universe is filled with endless opportunities for my career and income.”
  8. “I am worthy of a wealthy life.”
  9. “My finances improve beyond my dreams.”
  10. “Money is the servant, I am the master.”
  11. “I have a positive money mindset.”
  12. “Money flows to me from multiple sources.”
  13. “I am becoming more and more prosperous every day.”
  14. “I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way.”
  15. “Every day in every way, my finances are getting better and better.”
  16. “I embrace new income streams.”
  17. “Wealth flows to me from all directions.”
  18. “I am connected to the universal supply of money.”
  19. “I am thankful for the ability to manifest wealth.”
  20. “I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life.”
  21. “Every day, I am attracting and saving more and more money.”
  22. “My positive money thoughts are coming true.”
  23. “I have a wealth mindset.”
  24. “My bank balance is increasing every day.”
  25. “I have more than what I need.”
  26. “I attract wealth to me from all corners of my life.”
  27. “I am prosperous in everything I do.”
  28. “I am thankful for the comfort and joy that money provides me.”
  29. “All the money I spend enriches society and comes back to me multiplied.”
  30. “Money and spirituality coexist within me.”
  31. “Making money is easy and enjoyable for me.”
  32. “I am attracting money-making opportunities every day.”
  33. “Every action I take is a profitable one.”
  34. “I am an excellent money manager.”
  35. “My work brings me financial abundance.”
  36. “My wealth derives from honesty in everything I do.”
  37. “I am constantly discovering new sources of income.”
  38. “I have a knack for making profitable decisions.”
  39. “My money-making abilities are limitless.”
  40. “I love the positive flow of money in my life.”
  41. “I am a powerful money magnet and money is constantly attracted to me.”
  42. “My mind is a rich source of profitable ideas.”
  43. “Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied.”
  44. “My potential to make money is infinite.”
  45. “The more I contribute to others, the more money I make.”
  46. “Making money is good for me and for everyone in my life.”
  47. “I am a money-making machine.”
  48. “I am making more money than I ever imagined.”
  49. “I am creating wealth and abundance in my life.”
  50. “My income increases every day whether I am working, playing, or sleeping.”
  51. “All my investments are profitable.”
  52. “I am a natural at creating wealth.”
  53. “I enjoy making money and strive to have fun in every aspect of my work.”
  54. “I am open to receive wealth in many ways.”
  55. “The more I enjoy life, the more money I make.”
  56. “Money-making ideas come to me easily.”
  57. “I am now accumulating large sums of money.”
  58. “I am grateful for the ability to turn ideas into cash.”
  59. “I enjoy making money and being wealthy.”
  60. “I am making money while doing what I love.”

Money Affirmations About Giving & Sharing Money

The act of giving not only benefits the receiver but also enhances your feelings of joy, abundance, and gratitude.

These affirmations help foster a mindset of generosity and prosperity, allowing you to experience the joy of sharing and the abundance it brings back to you:

  1. “Giving and receiving are natural parts of my life.”
  2. “I am blessed to be a blessing to others.”
  3. “My wealth allows me to make a positive impact in the world.”
  4. “The more I give, the more I receive.”
  5. “I find joy in using my wealth to help others.”
  6. “My generosity returns to me manifold.”
  7. “I happily share my wealth with those in need.”
  8. “I take pleasure in giving to worthy causes.”
  9. “My gifts and donations are creating positive change.”
  10. “I am generous in spirit and action.”
  11. “My generosity is a reflection of my inner abundance.”
  12. “The more I share my wealth, the more my wealth grows.”
  13. “I joyfully donate a part of my income to good causes.”
  14. “I share my abundance freely and fearlessly.”
  15. “My giving makes a difference in the world.”
  16. “Every act of giving brings me joy and prosperity.”
  17. “The Universe multiplies my generosity in incredible ways.”
  18. “I am a channel of blessings for others.”
  19. “I feel good when I share my wealth.”
  20. “The money I give to others is a good investment in my financial freedom.”
  21. “My generosity is making a positive impact in the world.”
  22. “The more I give, the happier I feel.”
  23. “I am grateful for the opportunities to give.”
  24. “As I give, I know that the Universe will send abundance back to me.”
  25. “Sharing my wealth is a part of my journey towards financial freedom.”
  26. “I give money freely and unconditionally.”
  27. “My generosity is a reflection of my abundance mindset.”
  28. “I give generously, and I receive generously.”
  29. “I am grateful for my ability to give.”
  30. “Every dollar I give comes back to me multiplied.”

Money Affirmations About Saving Money

Saving money is not just about the act of saving, but also about developing a mindset that supports that action. For the future, a rainy day, comfort and/or those big ticket, fun items!

These affirmations are designed to help cultivate that mindset:

  1. “I am an excellent saver and am building wealth every day.”
  2. “Saving money comes naturally to me.”
  3. “With every paycheck, I effortlessly set money aside for future needs.”
  4. “I find it easy to save more than I spend.”
  5. “I am financially responsible and secure.”
  6. “I always have more than enough money for my needs and desires.”
  7. “I take pleasure in saving and watching my wealth grow.”
  8. “I am capable of making wise financial decisions.”
  9. “I have an abundance of money to save.”
  10. “Every dollar I save brings me closer to financial freedom.”
  11. “I am grateful for the ability to save money.”
  12. “Saving money provides a secure future for me and my family.”
  13. “My savings act as a magnet to draw more money.”
  14. “I am committed to saving a portion of my income regularly.”
  15. “I am creating a future of financial stability and security.”
  16. “I love seeing my savings grow.”
  17. “My savings are constantly increasing.”
  18. “I find joy and pride in saving money.”
  19. “I am saving money for a prosperous future.”
  20. “The more I save, the more financial freedom I have.”
  21. “I honor my financial goals by saving consistently.”
  22. “I am proud of my ability to save and manage my money.”
  23. “Saving money empowers me to make choices for my future.”
  24. “I am grateful for every dollar I save.”
  25. “I attract opportunities to save more money.”
  26. “I am disciplined in managing my finances.”
  27. “Saving money comes easily and effortlessly to me.”
  28. “I appreciate the security my savings provide.”
  29. “Every penny saved is a penny earned.”
  30. “I choose financial security and abundance by saving money.”

Money Affirmations For A Positive Money Mindset

  1. “I have a healthy, positive relationship with money.”
  2. “Money is a tool that can improve my life and the lives of others.”
  3. “I respect my abilities, and I know I am worthy of a great income.”
  4. “Money is a resource that allows me to follow my dreams.”
  5. “I release all negative energy about money.”
  6. “Money creates positive opportunities and experiences in my life.”
  7. “I welcome wealth into my life and am open to prosperity.”
  8. “I am financially secure and free.”
  9. “I am in control of my financial life.”
  10. “I have an abundant mindset.”
  11. “I am grateful for everything that I receive.”
  12. “I am deserving of abundance in my life.”
  13. “Money flows freely and abundantly to me.”
  14. “I use money to improve my life and the lives of others.”
  15. “Wealth constantly flows into my life.”
  16. “I have a positive attitude towards all the wealth I possess.”
  17. “I am open to receiving wealth in many different forms.”
  18. “The Universe is conspiring to make me wealthy.”
  19. “I use money to better my life and the lives of others.”
  20. “I am deserving of a rich, prosperous life.”
  21. “I am open and ready to let money into my life.”
  22. “The money I contribute always comes back to me multiplied.”
  23. “I am grateful for the wealth that is inside me.”
  24. “Money and I are friends.”
  25. “I am a magnet for money.”
  26. “Money is constantly circulating in my life.”
  27. “I am aligned with the energy of abundance.”
  28. “I allow my income to constantly expand and I always live in comfort and joy.”
  29. “I am worthy of receiving prosperity now.”
  30. “I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance that’s on its way.”

Keep in mind, money affirmations are not magic spells that will instantly change your financial situation.

Instead, they are tools that can help you shift your mindset around money, breaking free from limiting beliefs and opening the door to greater abundance and prosperity.

We hope you find some that truly resonate with you 🙂

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