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Are you wanting to:

  • end that horrible overwhelmed feeling?
  • simplify your life & home?
  • learn to slow down, have fun and really enjoy the moments with your loved ones?
  • live a more balanced life?
  • 'find' the time and energy to chase those big 'someday' goals of yours?

If any of these ring true, then you've come to the right place!

Because I do too!

I'm Gem! A proud wife and mother to three beautiful young kiddies (aged 6, 4 & 1). My hubby and I run a small business and I'm a 'work at home mother' who finds great joy in my wonderful family and friends.

I'm happy and very grateful for my 'lot' in life.


I had found myself overwhelmed, unmotivated and feeling a bit 'mediocre'

I'd also completely lost sight of those 'someday' goals that I used to dream about. 

The ones I thought I would have achieved by now.

It's not all doom and gloom though..... I've started feeling the 'pull' of those 'someday' goals again. I'm not sure if its age, my baby finally sleeping through the night (though, that's very hit-and-miss!) or the recent brutal reminders that life really is short?​ 

Either way, I knew that I needed to first simplify (my home and life in general!) and find a better balance - all with the ultimate aim of freeing up the time & energy for the more important things in life - enjoying those precious moments & achieving those big goals!

So, if you’re a busy mother and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, a bit 'stuck', a bit mediocre or if you're just looking for some inspiration to chase your own big goals, come on in, I'd love it if you joined me....

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