master packing list

Master Packing List in Your Bullet Journal

Gone are the days of last minute travel, throwing a few things in a bag and taking off for the weekend. We now have three kids, pets to organize, a house to lock-down and dietary allergies to plan around.


So any trip that we take now requires some serious planning.

To make sure that nothing is forgotten (well, mostly), I use a master planning list to work off. And so far, it works really well - saving time, stress and money on forgotten items.

A Master Packing List

Planning a trip away would have to be one of my favourite things to plan.

But I often find that I'm always planning, organizing and packing mostly the same things, each and every trip.

And there are a lot of great resources and printables online,'s usually quite an individual list that you personally need to make.

So for my last trip away, I decided to set up an ultimate packing list in my bullet journal (because I basically plan and organize everything in my bullet journal). I tried to think of everything that I usually need to take with me, by group:

master packing list

Master packing list

That way I could quickly refer to the list for each future trip and then just add the items required for each specific type of trip (beach holiday, winter trip, city site-seeing etc).

Packing for a short trip away

For example, here is a recent trip we have been on, where the weather wasn't so great and required a few wet weather provisions to be added.

Master Packing List Ideas in Bullet Journal

Master Packing List Ideas in Bullet Journal

A simple bullet journal layout like this is simple to set up and includes:

  • the weather forecast,
  • things to do once you're there
  • allows you to track your spending
  • the things you need to organize before you go (pets, etc)
  • your packing list (made a whole lot easier by checking your master list)
  • a way to track once you've packed each item (invaluable when you're also packing for children!)

Another great thing about creating a trip planning layout in your bullet journal is that you also use it as a way of memory keeping! 

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Create a master packing list in your bullet journal! Saves time and money (on forgotten items!). Then create an individual bullet journal layout per trip with ease!

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