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How A Bullet Journal Can Keep You Super Organized

Bullet journals can be great for your creative outlet, but at their core, they are insanely useful for getting and keeping you organized!

If you’re constantly trying to keep up with the many demands of life – you certainly aren’t alone.

I’ve lost count of the post-it notes I’ve misplaced. The lists I have to keep restarting and the forgotten appointments and upcoming events. 

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8 Simple (But Really Useful) Bullet Journal Page Ideas

A five-minute read if you're looking for some useful bullet journal page ideas - or for some inspiration on what page ideas will work best for you. 

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Whether you're just starting your bullet journal, or you’ve been doing it for a while, you may be overwhelmed by all the different possibilities of bullet journal pages and ideas.

There’s an unlimited number of pages that you could include in your bullet journal, and of course, you can design them in any way you want.

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4 Clever Ways to Work Out the Routines You Actually Need

Daily Routines

As a mother, I know the benefits that routines can have on my children. They are calmer, happier, less tired and better behaved when the routines in their lives are operating well.

Yet, I’ve never been so strict with myself in regard to the routines that would help ME be, well… calmer, happier, less tired and yes, probably even better ‘behaved’ too?!

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A Simple Evening Routine For Chilled Out Mornings (yes, even with kids!)

Let's be realistic - no matter what you have to do or whatever time you have to get there by, mornings can be chaotic when you're trying to get the kids ready and out the door on time.

Yet some people make it look so easy, don't they?

​They arrive at the school drop-off/day-care/workplace looking like they are totally chill. They aren’t raising their voices, or rushing their children along and they are calm and relaxed.

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