8 Must-Watch Videos For Bullet Journal Inspiration

Looking for more bullet journal inspiration?

Whether you like to keep your bullet journal pretty simple, or if you like doing elaborate themes and designs, here are some awesome YouTube videos to inspire you further. 


All have different approaches on how to bullet journal -  which is the beauty of it - seeing what can be done and then putting your own unique tweak to it!

Bullet Journal Video Inspiration (1)

These eight super helpful YouTube videos cover the basics, design, drawing, lettering, layout designs and how to set up a new bujo - all providing some great bullet journal inspiration!:

1. Bullet Journal Setup 2019 - AmandaRachLee

I love Amanda's minimalist black & white bullet journal layouts.

This video shows Amanda setting up her bullet journal for 2019 and it's a great example of bullet journaling that is simple and practical. Yes, she does have lovely neat handwriting, but she isn't obsessed with getting it all perfect - which is refreshing!

And, um that white gel pen - definitely getting myself one of those asap!

2. My 2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through! - ChristineMyLinh

If you love watercolor and detailed drawings in your bullet journal, then you will love the videos that ChristineMyLinh does! She is an amazing artist and while it's not something that I do in my bullet journal, I love seeing her creations.

Christine is honest, her voice is calm and it's very relaxing and inspiring to watch her bullet journal layouts and listen to the stories she tells. 

The below video is a detailed flip through from 2018:

3. Beginner's Guide to Bullet Journaling - Carrie Crista

If you're looking for a simple explanation on how to set up a bullet journal, then Carrie Crista's videos are great.

There is no need for fancy journals, pens or other supplies - Carrie explains the basic concept of bullet journaling in an easy to understand approach.

Like it says in the title, perfect for beginners! 

4. How to Start a Bullet Journal | Plan With Me - Seventeen

Editors Noelle and Margaret provide some easy to watch videos on bullet journaling basics - there are some great ideas, simple to set up layouts and easy to follow instructions.

The below links to the 2019 bullet journal setup but be sure to check out their other videos on bullet journaling for some great inspiration: 

5. My First BULLET JOURNAL With Me!  - At Home With Quita

Quita shares a lot of productivity, planning and organizing videos - but the below video is a great example of creating simple but inspiring bullet journal layouts with a cleaning schedule.

An easy to watch video on creating a cleaning schedule in your bullet journal that is simple but colourful and inspiring.

Doodle Day Darlings

If you're wanting to improve your lettering or just try some new bullet journal fonts, then this video is for you.

A simple explanation of how to do title headers and lettering using the dot grid in your bujo.

7. Bullet Journal Flip Through - Boho Berry

This is a great video from Boho Berry (she has a lot of great bujo videos) and it's literally a flip through of how she has set up her bullet journal.

It's a great overview of how to set up a practical bullet journal - with an honest overview of what did and didn't work.

If you like this video, be sure to check out more from Boho Berry. While she has moved to mainly digital bullet journaling, there are still some great videos with inspiration for all types of bullet journaling. 

8. How to Bullet Journal

I couldn't include a list of bullet journaling videos without including the original bullet journal video!

It's a video I still watch every now and then - especially when I try to do too much and need to be reminded to get back to the basics of the bullet journaling system:

Bullet Journal Inspiration

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