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A Simple Way To Improve Your Bullet Journal Fonts

Usually I like to keep my bullet journal pretty simple.

A quick and easy set up just seems to work best for me.

But then sometimes I see all the pretty handwriting that I could be doing in my bullet journal and I feel the urge to jazz it up a bit.


Nothing fancy, but something just a bit different.

But I’m not great at calligraphy and I don’t have a huge amount of time to dedicate to learning it.

Now there are some amazing tutorials online and plenty of tools to improve your handwriting practice. If you have the time and enthusiasm, it’s actually a very therapeutic activity to do.

But in the interest of trying to keep things simple, I tend to stick to a couple of quick tricks to improve my bujo fonts.

They don’t require you to practice the entire alphabet over and over again and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Here's what I do:


First, you need some font inspiration.

These are just some of the great sites that offer free fonts:


1001 fonts


There are so many fonts available, it can actually get overwhelming.

While most of the fonts are free to use, be sure to check the license for any font you use, depending on how you intend to use it.

For the following example, I’m using DaFont and while you can choose to go fancy, gothic, basic, script, holiday (and the list goes on), I was looking for a fairly simple ‘handwritten’ type font to use.

Remember how I said you don’t need to learn how to write the entire alphabet in this new font? Well, you just type in the 'Preview' box what you will be writing, which is great because some words just look weird in some fonts!

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

I just wanted some days of the week headers, for my bullet journal weekly spread, so I typed these in the preview box and it gives you a wonderful sample of how it will look in various handwritten type fonts:

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

I decided to go with the 'Angelina' font by Angie Durbin, because well, it's simple and elegant, yet not too intimidating to try.

The next step depends on if you want to go the old-school or the more modern way....


Like you probably did countless times as a child, you are going to trace the lettering into your bullet journal.

Create a screenshot of the preview page of the font you want to use (enlarge if needed) and print it out (of course if you're talented enough to just copy from the screen, go right ahead!)

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

Turn the page over and colour over the letters with a plain old pencil.

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

Now turn the page back over and line it up for placement in your bullet journal:

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

Trace over the letters with your pencil, and you end up with an initial impression on your bullet journal page: 

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

Rinse and repeat!:

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

You can then do an outline or decorate the lettering however you like:

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

With the more 'modern' way of tracing fonts into your bullet journal, you basically turn your phone into a light-box.


It's far quicker and more convenient than having to print out the lettering and you can easily adjust the sizing of the words to fit with what you need.

Full disclosure on this one....I have no idea if this causes damage to your phone screen, but I've actually done this quite a bit and not had any trouble...but consider this a fair warning!

Bullet Journal Font Ideas phone lightbox

First access the font on your phone, use the 'preview' option to see the text you want to use and adjust the sizing to fit your needs. 

Next you need to enable 'Guided Access' on your Iphone.

For those of you with small children, you probably already have 'guided access' set up! 

It's usually just a matter of hitting the home button 3 times quickly (if this doesn't work, it just means you need to set it up in your phone settings to be able to use it - check:

Settings/General/Accessibility/Guided Access

And voila:

Bullet Journal Font Ideas phone lightbox

Trace gently with a pencil - super easy!


Once you have you new fonts traced out in your bullet journal, it's time to decorate and add your own style.

For this weeks bullet journal spread, I stuck with simple black outlining and then added some coloured pencil shading around the edges. 

This was really simple and quick to do...next time I might try an even fancier font....

Bullet Journal Font Ideas phone lightbox
Simple ways to jazz up your bullet journal fonts. There's an 'old-school' option as well as the more 'modern' way. Either way, their both fairly simple for all those non-artists who love to bullet journal!

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